COLLABORATED WITH: Photography by: Abri Kruger; Venue: MolenVliet Wine & Guest Estate; Props: W.Collaboration

Thank you for your interest in W. Collaboration, we look forward to share our exclusive services with you and your guests.

Collaborating, to conceptualise, enhance and perfectly execute any EVENT be it a WEDDING, private party or corporate function.

From proposal to conclusion we COLLABORATE with our client, creative force, suppliers and with 10 YEARS combined experience in

local and international eventing to make any CELEBRATION a unique collaboration for all to be enjoyed and remembered.

We are a TEAM who are inspired by our clients, and thereby creating, Co ORDINATING and finally giving you the moment that

will COMPLIMENT all you had in mind. We collaborate as a team to create your event with the utmost attention to DETAIL making

the entire EXPERIENCE as comfortable as possible for you.

Sit back, relax and enjoy as we  will do our utmost best to ensure you have a memorable experience...