In and out has a simple mission: to provide each and every client with an experience that exceeds their expectation.
I use every wedding or shoot I do to become a better photographer always trying new effects and angles...
By observing every little detail, I capture beautiful, magical and spontaneous moments through the lens of my camera.
I’m a photographer. Like so many others out there, be it either amateur or professional, I’m a photographer. And obviously this is a little marketing piece, so you can expect only beautiful words. But all I can tell you, is that I care about quality and exceptional photography. Every shoot is as important as the last or the next one.
Let Julie take your Event to the next level...
Your wedding cake is usually the first thing guests see at the reception and the last gastronomic delight they experience. To that end we work closely with you to understand your particular needs and preferences.
I am a wedding photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the most beautiful places in the world.
We are committed to creating the most appealing weddings, always aiming to reflect the bridal couple and in that use our expertise in blending and balancing flowers with colours and texture to create something pleasing to the eye, for either your wedding day or just a special corporate event.
Merle Rubin
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Nomadik® Stretch Tents brings spectacular style to weddings, corporate events, product launches, private functions, parties and Bar Mitzvahs.
At OKASIE our aim is to create unique floral compositions to suit every event and, above all, the individual the blooms are intended for.